Greg Ehrlich is a chef and food enthusiast based in Seattle, WA. When not cooking, he enjoys the mountains, water skiing, making music with friends and napping.

Seattle, Washington is home. I could talk your ear off about the food scene and how it has tremendously impacted me, but we’ll save that story for a good meal and a great bottle of wine. How does one go from keyboardist in a touring soul band to a chef, you ask? Well chefs are the new rockstars and I hated the competition. That’s where my story really gets interesting…


I graduated from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in Business Administration. I entered the corporate workforce and began working for a company as an outside sales representative. While I was good at it and enjoyed it, I’d often come home and find cooking to be a therapeutic way to relax after long and sometimes stressful day.


Outside of work I found myself playing in bands around Seattle as a hobby. I got incredibly lucky meeting a young singer named Allen Stone through a college friend. I began playing keyboards with him shortly thereafter. Two years later the band had a shot to tour nationally and I left my corporate job to pursue a dream of professional music. It was a wild, wide ride. We had the privilege to tour with Dave Matthews Band, open for Stevie Wonder and Al Green, play festivals and shows all over the world, and even perform on late night television.

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Through constant travel with the band, I fell deeply in love with food on a global scale. Tapas in Barcelona. Nasi Goreng in Jakarta. Everything in Tokyo. I found myself taking 20 minute cab rides to holes in the wall that were rumored to serve the best izakiya, the best sushi, the best banh mi. I had the itch to start trying to cook everything I was tasting. I missed my kitchen so much while touring I built the TasteCase, a portable kitchen I could take on the road with me. I stocked it with a convection oven, induction burners, a sous vide machine, a stand mixer…the works. With the TasteCase on board I prepared meals for the band, crew, fans and friends from parking lots, backstage lots, and too many seedy alleys to count. While a tremendous amount of work and logistics (try finding a grocery store within walking distance of a music venue, then balancing your musical commitments with preparing a meal for 12!), I found great joy it what I was accomplishing.

Waiting, Peaking

After five years of touring, I found the draw to food stronger than ever. It was a calling I couldn’t ignore. I finally had realized that while food was a creatively fulfilling medium, more so I realized how a memorable meal could bring people together and create a lasting memory. We all remember those romantic dinners, summer bbq’s on the lake, or late night hamburgers after a night on the town.

So here I am. I want to be a part of your special memory. It’d be my joy to cook for you.