Greg Ehrlich is a chef and food enthusiast based in Seattle, WA. When not cooking, he enjoys the mountains, water skiing, making music with friends and napping.

Greg is currently touring full time with soul artist Allen Stone but is always interested in tours, one-offs, fly dates, and studio work.

Available Touring Gear:
Hammond A-100 with Leslie 122


Hammond SK-1

Nord Stage II – 88 Keys

Trek II Preamp

Custom UE IEM’s

Crockpot, culinary and martini/espresso bar road case
(You should REALLY let Greg cook for you on the road.)

All gear properly and professionally roadcased.

Touring Essentials:
Valid Passport/Absolutely No Criminal Record/Seasoned Domestic and International Road Warrior

15lb piano/wurly/digital organ that is a CARRY ON on all domestic and international flights. Saves serious $$$.

Most importantly, Greg is a great and reliable hang. Many, many references available upon request.