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Lessons from the Road – John Butler says “Bring Your Own ______…. “

We meet a lot of people on the road. A lot of bands.  Fans. A lot of production people. Bookers. Agents. Celebrities. B List celebrities. Some are sweethearts. Some are bat shit crazy. Well everybody in this business is a little crazy. You have to be.  But it’s one of my favorite things about the business.

Over the summer I got two spend two or so weeks touring with the John Butler Trio. (Not crazy by the way) It was a privilege. These guys were world class monster musicians, and complete sweethearts off stage. I made it a point of making sure I heard John play “Ocean” every night. See for yourself. NOBODY except John can make acoustic guitars sound like this.

In addition to a few crazy nights and some fun stories better left off paper, I had the opportunity to share a meal with John in Boston. It was there I noticed he brought his own silverware wherever he went. I asked him about it. John loves to camp and spend time outside. (I was lucky enough for him to show me pictures of the 3 month off road camping trip he did with his family in the Australian Outback) Anyways, John said that he’s a little bit of a camping nut and likes having camping tools, but more so he was tired of eating backstage with cheap plastic cutlery and with a different set every night.

John brings his own silverware wherever he goes. It reminds him of home, and keeps him grounded wherever his travels take him.

What an idea! I mentioned how much I loved this idea to my girlfriend and a few weeks later she had a set waiting for me. I now take my own silverware when I travel. I feel more connected to my food, and more grounded in my travels. Remarkable how a simple piece of metal can influence subtle parts of life.

Thanks John for the wisdom.

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