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Malmö, Sweden; Oslo, Norway; Aarhus; Denmark

More memories and photos of our winter tour. Dug up some gems from our time in Scandinavia. I found myself walking anywhere from 3-12 miles everyday in Europe. I’d leave the bus and just start walking. I felt like I had some really good adventures and typically managed to find some pretty dope spots to eat or sight see. Anyways, these pics bring back tons of memories!

Posing in the department store in Aarhus.

Molly, our tour manager, and I exploring seemingly deserted streets in Aarhus as a light snow falls. We were searching for affordable food and stumbled across an italian restaurant that was actually delicious and reasonably priced. ($30 for spaghetti – Denmark is expensive!!!)IMG_0901 IMG_0894

This might be one of my favorite pictures ever. More department store shenanigans.


Exploring Oslo.


The venue.

IMG_0814 IMG_0809
IMG_0806 IMG_0805

Challenging a local to table tennis in the park. Lost badly. I had no idea table tennis was a 4 season sport.IMG_0802 (2) IMG_0798 IMG_0797 IMG_0791 IMG_0786

Malmo, Sweden. I love the Swedes and I love Malmo.


Trevor and I walked to a local restaurant where our good friend Mans had offered to buy us whisky on his tab even though we was away on tour. IMG_0777 IMG_0771

The food was delicious. Seared arctic char with potatoes, lingonberries and dill with a creamed spinach of sorts, if memory serves correctly.


Trevor is a nerd. And loves him some Maiden.IMG_0763


I miss Europe terribly. I think another adventure is calling.

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