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One of “Those” Nights – Meet “The Shadowboxers”

Every now and then we have one of “those” moments. The moment when we as a band drop EVERYTHING we are doing and run to the stage to listen to the new band on tour. Don’t get me wrong, we love music, and we love listening to new bands and new music, but many times we simply don’t have the time to watch to watch the first band on the bill on tour. We get pulled in a million different directions. It’s a shame but it’s the reality.

We were in Atlanta this past week when we had one of “those” moments where we were introduced to a band called “The Shadowboxers.” Hailing from Atlanta, there were to be joining us on the tour for just two shows. 15 seconds into their sound check we all looked at each other and ran out to the main floor to hear this guys. Nasty 3 part harmonies reminiscent of D’Angelo and Mint Condition. Drummer and bass player- dialed and locked. A few synchronized dance steps between all the players at key parts. It was a SHOW.

Had the crowd in Atlanta and Nashville the following night going completely NUTS. Nashville is a notoriously hard town to please. That’s the polite way of putting it. And these guys had Nashville in the palm of their hands. I’m not much of a writer, and I won’t do it justice  with words but these guys were the shit. Check out this cover of “Pusher Love Girl”.

We had a chance to hang with them after show in Nashville. Drinks were consumed on the bus and the inevitable ol’ game of “which musician can play the deepest cut in the catalogue” began. They played some deep cuts. Brent, our bassist and resident deep catalogue enthusiast, was impressed. He’s not easily impressed. It was a great night getting to know these guys and we all walked away hoping our paths would cross sooner rather than later.

The Shadowboxers are going into the studio shortly to get the new album started. It can’t come soon enough. Keep an eye out for these guys and if they are anywhere near you, by god, go to their show.



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