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Summer Tour Begins

I’m not a blogger.
I occasionally get these romantic notions of posting beautifully written posts with gorgeous pictures of food or whatever, and then I realize the reality that authoring a single posts takes me something like a good 8 hours. Aint nobody got time for that! So my goal this tour is to blog frequently, but more with a stream of consciousness feel and an emphasis on short posts. (READ: Lots of pictures). I apologize in advance for bad grammar and bad metaphors.
Onto it!
Summer tour at last is beginning tonight in Louisville, Kentucky. Final tour preparations were made last night at the local LiquorBarn ensuring adequate amounts of bourbon, purchased at Kentucky prices, were stocked for upcoming adventures.
The next two months or so should prove to be a blast. We are touring with Andrew McMahon and company- good friends of ours and probably my favorite hangs in the business. This tour will route us across much of the continental United States, where we will be playing some iconic venues. This Saturday we will be playing Red Rocks, a gorgeous outdoor amphitheater outside of Denver. (Google it) I’ve never been there, and am absolutely giddy to be playing a show there. Great venues, good music, good food, good friends- I fear the next two months will go by way too quick.
I’m also excited to say that I have some fun and exciting things to announce in the near future on the musical and culinary fronts. More on those in the next week or so.
Hope to see you at a show this summer! Check my tour dates page. We can catch some good music and maybe even share a meal together!
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