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Tour Beginnings – Jet Lag and London Fog

Welcome to Europe.

Despite my best efforts of sleeping on the plane ride over in an attempt to match my internal clock to London time, and falling asleep at 10pm soundly thinking I had accomplished just that, I woke up wide awake at 2:30am with a self awareness that sleep anytime soon was not going to happen.

After a few frustrated tosses and turns in bed, I dressed and headed down to the hotel lobby in an attempt to get some emailing (and a bit of facebooking) done. At 3:30am inspiration struck to see the sunrise in London. I discovered Mark, our keyboard player, was also awake and online and with a bit of messaging we agreed to meet in the lobby and explore London in the early morning together.

Two hours later at 5:15am we departed our hotel in Shepherd’s Bush and in short time on the Underground , all alone and the stations seemingly abandoned, except the two of us.

Arriving at the Temple stop we walked to the Thames River. With the temperature nearly freezing and a light fog clearing out, we watched the sun rise at 7:05 from Waterloo Bridge, silhouetting the London skyline in an orange glow. A quick stop for coffee and we headed along the Thames then up to St James Park and over to Buckingham Palace. Towards the end of our trek the fog had almost completely cleared and the day was shaping up to be the most beautiful crystal clear day and sunny day I’ve seen in London yet. By 9:30 we were back in the Tube headed to our hotel to start the first day of tour. I can’t think of a nicer start to the morning – quality conversation with a good friend, exploring a fairly new city, and watching the sun come up on a new day and new tour.

I’m refreshed. Tonight we play our first show in London then on to Amsterdam for a day off tomorrow before we begin a whirlwind of shows.

Here we go.

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