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WHIM travels South

I’m pleased to announce I’ll be doing my first chef’s dinner in Southern California. I’ve been itching to cook for my friends is Los Angeles and the time has finally arrived. We are overdue, my friends.

For the past year I’ve been enthusiastically eating practically nothing but SE Asian cuisine, particularly from the regions of Thailand and Vietnam. Pho, bún bò huế, banh xeo, khao soi, boat noodles and so much more. The subtle complexity of the dishes, the flavor bombs of herbs, the perfume of lemongrass, the sugary caramelization of a perfectly grilled piece of pork…I could go on and on and on.

Inspired by these dishes when cooking on the road and at home, I’ve been exploring how these SE Asian techniques and flavors can play well with the bounty of ingredients available to us on the West Coast. Idaho lamb with tamarind glaze, NW Copper River salmon with a traditional vietnamese fish sauce caramel, and more. It’s a match made in heaven. I’ve been busy. I’ve fallen in love. My menu is to be determined, but I assure you will eat well and the dishes will be made with nothing but love.

Join me at Stage + Table, a beautiful new culinary space in downtown Santa Monica on Saturday, February 20th at 7:15pm for a evening where my obsession of the South East meets my love for the West Coast.

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